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Getting to know Guatemala


Edwin my language instructor

“for God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.”- Romans 11:29

English class 1

English Class Group 1

   As of today, I am officially starting my 4th week in Guatemala and my third week in language school here in Quetzaltenango (Xela). I finally think I have the pronunciation down for the city, so I can move on to other words! In all actuality, I have been very busy with learning Spanish here, whether that is in school in the mornings, activities in the afternoon, exploring on weekends, or even teaching English classes.

This past week, my friend and fellow student here, Nanna, from Denmark, began teaching English classes for kids. The kids here are having their “summer” break now, so ICA language school is suppling basic English classes. Nanna has been studying here for six weeks, so she is very capable to teach in English and communicate in Spanish. She asked me to help because being American, I supposedly know how to spell and speak English correctly. We started off with one class of students twice a week, Monday and Wednesday. Then last week during a class, a whole group of new students showed up, so we have started another class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday. It is quickly filling my days, but it is such a great joy!

Anyways, during my language class today, my language instructor Edwin asked me why I was here. I had answered this question before and then he repeated in Spanish, “No, how were you called here.” I already knew he was a Christian because he has been pointing me to different churches. We also have spent time talking about our views on death because of “Día de Muertos” here, and his volunteer work. Even with all that it was really awesome when I got to tell him how I ended up here. At the end of trying to tell my story through a mess of words and tenses I am still learning, he wrote down Romans 11:29 on the top of my notebook page: “for God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.”

I know I am here learning Spanish, but I also know I am here because God is using everyday to strengthen me and even use me as a tool for others. Everyday events, explaining why I am here, and “Día de Muertos” give me the opportunity to talk about my faith with fellow students, my family, and my teacher. It is so emotional to see God in everyday things and people. It really makes me remember that I may be here to learn Spanish, but I am constantly a witness for God.

Other highlights from this week:
– Hiking Volcan Chikabal
– Hiking Volcan Santa Maria
– Watching Guatemaltecos celebrating San Simon
– Watching and participating in activities for “Día de Muertos”

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Vaya Con Dios!


2 Responses to Getting to know Guatemala

  1. Paula says:

    Teaching English classes sounds most enjoyable and rewarding – and great Spanish practice too. In SE Asia, it seems that American English, spoken by native speakers, is considered the best English. No pressure – ha! Your classes sounds challenging! Hard to believe you’ve been there 4 weeks already! Love and hugs to you! <3 Paula

  2. Dale Talsma says:

    Sounds like Edwin is a real blessing as a teacher, with whom you can communicate at a level of fuller understanding. Remembering God’s call is always a powerful reassurance when the going gets rough in cross-cultural missions.
    Que Dios te bendiga!

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