Casa Betesda

Casa Betesda logoWhat is the “Casa Betesda”?

(Bethesda House)

We are Lutheran Christians who are motivated by the love of Christ to respond to the great need to serve people with disabilities (over age 18) and their families in Santiago, Chile. The Casa Bethesda was established with the purpose of walking together for the inclusion, rehabilitation, recreation, and improvement in the capacity for accomplishing daily tasks of disabled people or people with nuero-motor difficulties in whatever stage of life. In order to accomplish this, we have assembled a diverse team of professionals, volunteers, individual partners, institutions, and other interested parties.


What do we do?

We want to be the Christ of Bethesda to those who suffer disabilities. We do this by supporting, developing, and empowering the integral development (body and soul) and the inclusion of people with disabilities. We also work with the families of people with disabilities in the process of inclusion, rehabilitation, recreation, and capacity-building.

We offer daily services (Monday through Friday) in groups of up to 10 young adults. Our multi-disciplinary team develops an individualized program for each person, focusing on education and socialization as well as knetic and phonological/auditory rehabilitation.