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Here I am sitting here this morning on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.  Like the beginning of most great blogs. This is my first.  My best guess is my truly great blogs will come later, so I appreciate you following me.  However, I have made some pretty epic rants on Facebook so please send me a friend request at https://www.facebook.com/aaron.farrow2

At this juncture of my path where I am beginning the formal planning of my mission I have many things overflowing in my heart. Ideas that have been developing for almost eight years as I have worked and planned preparing myself for this mission.  Many things that I imagined myself saying to the Body of Christ, in my desire to explain what is driving me to go halfway around the world.  Thoughts such as why me?  Thoughts about what I see in the Word.  Thoughts about, what does my story communicate to others?  How will my mission serve both those I am going to and those who I am leaving behind.  I look forward to writing about some of those things later.  For the time being I would like to quickly reflect on the mystery that is the Body of Christ.

It is a diverse body with many parts.  The mystery is how God can use many different people often times in ways that seem completely uncoordinated to bring the Gospel to just the right place at just the right time. I fight the temptation to be melodramatic and speak in grandiose terms here.  Let me keep it simple for the time being.  If your reading this.  Thank you for being a part of this mystery.  I pray you continue to follow my blog in the future while I unpack what I see we are capable of achieving stewarding the gifts and talents the Lord has given us.  In return for your faithfulness I pray that whatever I learn from this experience and what ever blessing I receive while serving in Chile, that these blessings edify you as well.



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