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Week 26-29: Reaping the Harvest

Before we came to Guatemala Pastor Luis shared a Bible verse with me: “La cosecha es mucha y los trabajadores son pocos,” which translates to, “The harvest is plenty and the workers are few” (Luke 10:2). I didn’t think about it much at the time but this month it has become extremely relevant to our work. We are now beginning to reap what we and our supporters have been sowing and for that we thank God!

Cassandra’s choir has improved leaps and bounds since we first began. It was a rocky start and at times it didn’t look like the kids would ever be ready in time for a performance before the end of the school year. This past month however, they have begun to look like a real choir and they have almost mastered the five songs they will perform next month. When they sing “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” in English you’d almost think you were listening to an American choir if you closed your eyes. It is a joy to watch these children get excited about singing songs that give glory and praise to God. Even though they attend a Lutheran School, very few of them attend the church regularly so this is a special witness to them and their parents who will attend their concert.

week 26-29 choir close upweek 26-29 choir

week 26-29 trumpetCassandra has also been focusing on private lessons with the beginner trumpets.

The ministry in Los Limones is stronger than it has ever been. Our youth and children’s Catechism classes on Thursdays and Saturdays are consistently attended by over 100. The youth are starting to get excited about their Confirmation and their chance to be considered adult members of the church. Pastor Luis also led the first Baptism service in Los Limones and 8 women and children were added to the body of Christ. I gave Baptism classes to the 3 mothers before we baptized them with their young ones. One of the mom’s asked me to be the godfather for her 3 children. To be given the responsibility to help raise her children up in the one true faith is an incredible honor. Participating in the Baptism service with my new godchildren is by far the highlight of my time here so far. The baptismal service also opened up the opportunity for others to be baptized in the future. Numerous people approached me and asked to participate in my next Baptism class.

week 26-29 godkids

Cassandra and I standing with my godchildren and their mother, Maria.

Our purpose as Christians is to go out and make disciples and baptize them. That is what it means to harvest. That is what we work toward no matter where we are in life: bringing others to Christ. To be able to do that in Guatemala and see the Word of God work in people’s lives is an incredible blessing. Thank you to everyone who has brought us here. Please pray for the continued growth in Los Limones as well as the Lord’s providence, as it is now growing faster than resources can support. Read more about it on our “Projects” page or click here to learn more about how you can help!

week 26-29 adult baptism



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