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Week 4 & 5: Goodbye Xela!

Since our last post we have been busy finishing up our last two weeks of Spanish Language school. It was challenging at times, but most certainly worth it! Our “graduation” from language school was a bittersweet moment. There were many things we were sad to leave but we also have so much to be excited about and thankful for!

The saddest part about our departure was saying goodbye to beloved friends. We had tremendous tutors who became our close friends over the course of 5 weeks. We made each other laugh and we learned so much from one another. We also developed close relationships with the family we lived with. They fed us well and took care of us like we were one of their own.

 Week 4-5 fam

    The family from left to right: Isabel, Lilian, Bila, Ted, Ian, Maria.

     In addition to the people above, we will also miss the rich history of Xela and the beautiful views of volcanoes! Xela is a metropolitan area, but the area where we are headed is more rural so we will also miss the urban amenities we had access to.

Week 4-5 market

An open-air market with some colorful Mayan textiles.

week 4-5 kiosko

One of the many historical sites in Xela.

week 4-5 cass coffee

     Cassandra’s favorite thing about Xela: the cafes!

While it was difficult to say goodbye to Xela and the people in it, we were relieved to be finished with our training. We are very excited for our move to Gualan and the opportunities and new friends that await us there.

Week 4-5 diploma

We even received diplomas!

     We thank God for all that we learned in Xela and ask for prayers that he would continue to guide us and watch over us as we take this next step!



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One Response to Week 4 & 5: Goodbye Xela!

  1. Carolyn Fischer says:

    Congratulations on making it through phase 1! May the Lord bless you with safety, strength and more wonderful adventures in the next part of your journey!

    Love – Aunt Carrie

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