Missionaries Ted and Cassandra Fischer Serving in Guatemala


Weeks 17-21: Los Limones Ministry Spotlight

As I said in last month’s post, I was working on a promotional video for the ministry taking place in Los Limones. The purpose of the video was to show to the congregation of Trinity Lutheran in Monroe, Michigan. They are considering helping Pastor Luis to start an agricultural program in Los Limones. The program would help create jobs and a source for healthy food in a place where those resources are scarce. The wonderful people of Trinity Lutheran wanted to get to know the people they would be helping. I thought I would share the same video with you all to give you a look at the incredible ministry that Cassandra and I are blessed to be a part of.

In other news, “winter” has begun here in Gualan. I use that term loosely because the weather has only changed from 100 degree days to 90 degree days. They actually only have two seasons here: rainy season, and dry season. The rainy season cools down the climate slightly which is greatly appreciated.

Guatemala’s winter season is also its mission trip season. A group from Trinity Roselle just came to Gualan to give an eyeglass clinic, and according to Pastor Luis there will be a different mission group coming each week for at least the next 4 weeks. Our current responsibilities will be our first priority but Cassandra and I will be helping out with these groups however we can, by translating or just lending an extra hand. Please pray that these groups travel safely, learn a lot, and have a positive impact on the ministry.

We appreciate the continued prayers and encouragement from everyone back home and we love and miss you all!



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