Missionaries George and Shary Frahm – Serving in Cambodia


A Joyous Greeting KK January 2018

Another joyous celebration of Christmas is quickly approaching ~ Such a wondrous time to easily share Jesus as we go about our daily routines.
Even in Cambodia, we see both the secular and religious references to this time of the year. On the streets where the shops are located we see the same decorations that are prevalent in the US. Oft times shops will have rows of kiddie Santa type attire to dress up their kiddos for the occasion.  We think that many of the items are factory overruns or extras that remain in country and are sold at very cheap prices.
We are still in the US as this newsletter goes out to each of you, our prayer warriors, friends, and partners in so many ways. Since we haven’t hit the ground in Cambodia yet, we’ve come along and shared what has been going on during these last few weeks in country.
May each of you be able to sort thru the resounding amount of ‘Happy Holidays’ and such to hear the gentle sound and message of our Savior who was sent down thru May and Joseph to give us the most wonderful gift of all…in Himself.
Our love and gratitude to each of you as you share life with us in God’s ministry in Cambodia.


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