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Cambodia National Lutheran Youth Camp 2017

This past week we accompanied a few of our Siem Reap youth to the Cambodian Lutheran youth National Camp. There were a total of 111 youth from across the country who traveled and met up to learn, discuss, and share about youth contemporary issues. So many, of not the majority, are first generation Christians in their communities and stand on the front lines. For many of them, the road as they stand firm, is not smooth and simple. They’ve made sacrifices within their communities and their families.

The photos and videos can speak volumes more than I could type here. One particular young man, from nearly the start, would come to me with questions during the breakout sessions. When I asked to give me his idea first, his reply was simple and direct “I don’t have one yet, so please teach me/us some explanation so we understand more.” He shared that he had just gotten a bible, and was reading it, but didn’t understand a lot of it yet. Gratefully he had a local pastor to mentor him.

Our last night was talent night.

Each sending area had the opportunity to share something related to the theme ‘youth contemporary issues.’ Samuel wanted to do something on Pentecost. Thank goodness for the internet and YouTube at that point, plus Veggie Tales. We managed to pull off a dual language 3 minute skit then Sophena climaxed it with a perfect song. Samuel got in his mini sermon in Khmer in between.

No, we didn’t ‘win’ the grand prize, but in my mind these young people did a perfect presentation and I’m so proud of them. I’m thinking they maybe had no clue about the healing of the blind man nor the cripple until that time. Enjoy the video snips and the pics.

Oh yes, I was the blind person, and the odd girl out for speaking another language, as Peter and John were out doing their miracle thing at that time.

Oh, the gorgeous voice singing is none other than Pastor Samuel’s wife Sophena, who leads the music portion of this ministry in Siem Reap. She is known region wide for her glorious God given talent~and she praises Him with that very gift again and again.

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2 Responses to Cambodia National Lutheran Youth Camp 2017

  1. Carrie Hedemann says:

    Great program. Love the pictures the youth put on the walls. Are they permanent or will they disappear? Is this in a church building?


    • gfrahm says:

      Painting was done outside but it’s got an overhang covering of sorts to shade from the elements. We presume the paints were weatherproof variety.

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