Missionaries George and Shary Frahm – Serving in Cambodia

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7 Responses to Follow Frahms’ blog

  1. James says:

    Dear George and Shary,

    Good evening. This is a nice blog. Thanks for sharing the news to me.

    • gfrahm says:

      Good Evening James, Thank you so very much for your prayerful support for God’s ministry in Cambodia. We treasure your loving friendship and that of your family forever and are blessed that we are all children of our Father together.

  2. Cornell W. Lugthart, Jr. says:

    Please keep me posted.

    • gfrahm says:

      Good Evening dear Luke ~ I am so glad that you are able to find us here and that you can follow our posts and travels as we share God’s ministry in Cambodia. You are a dear neighbor and we miss your kindly friendship. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, wherever you land.

  3. Robert Dorn says:

    Hi George and Shary..Laura Dystra pointed me to your blog. Will be setting up a page on our site to have a running story about your ministry. Thanks for the email last week. Want to see if we can develop a regular following of your story with our members and followers.
    Blessings to you and your ministry.

    • gfrahm says:

      Good Afternoon Bob,

      A big thank you to Laura who has come along side of us and introduced us to Immanuel Crystal Lake and its wonderful band of people who are the ‘church’ of that community. And to you, meeting more formally at ‘Upward’ and having the opportunity to talk with you about God’s work here and how this has come forth totally excites us across the pond. God continues to amaze us (beyond words at times) but we are humbled and so grateful that He has given us wings and good health to be here. In our previous moments in Asia, at times we felt like we were in the midst of ‘spinning plates’ so to speak, but this time that far exceeds that. Thank you for prayers on our behalf and for this ministry and for incorporating us into your lives there

  4. Carolyn Hedemann says:

    Thanks for all your mail àbout Cambodia and fitting that in with scripture. It is still refreshing.

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