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Snor Church Update

Snor Church Update ~

Once again, I, on behalf of Pastor Samuel and Immanuel Lutheran Church of Snor, Siem Reap, Cambodia, want to thank you for your participation in the We Raise project, “How Firm a Foundation.”

We had a slight delay in transferring the funds you provided to Cambodia, but they arrived in August and we immediately were able to start. As we expected, there have been increases in the cost of materials and labor, but they have not been significantly above our estimates. Right now, we are on a temporary hold in the project. As we expected, the rains of September were very significant; significant enough that Pastor has had to cancel services. However, we have already accomplished enough of the project that there has been no major damage. Two pictures of this year’s flooding are attached.

The project has also had unexpected benefits. Once the work to stabilize the property started, other local people dug deep and came alongside the We Raise project. One individual donated a house so Pastor could reside in Snor and eliminate travel between the community and his residence in Siem Reap City. Others found additional resources that have allowed the construction of a simple shelter in which the church will be meeting when we return in November.

I look forward to giving you a more thorough report when we land for our next deployment. Please pray for us as we watch God work and bring more of the Cambodian people to salvation in Jesus Christ. Keep up on what is happening at the blog and Facebook sites below.

Blessings to you all, and again, thank you!

PS ~ The first photo is the road to Snor and the church. I’ve posted it a few days ago, but its obvious that the rice is loving all the rain to grow. Traveling around is another topic of its own.



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