Missionaries George and Shary Frahm – Serving in Cambodia


Tuk Tuks On The Road

To our faithful partners of Immanuel Lutheran Church Crystal Lake, IL we present to you the results of your diligent efforts in equipping God’s ministry under the leadership of Pastor Samuel. Words cannot express the gratefulness of these vitally important travel tools into the villages which will bring all of the preaching station souls closer together for fellowship, worship, teaching, and growth between the communities.

The red tuk tuk will easily seat 10 and travel over the cumbersome roads, and allow carrying of much needed church supplies that have been sparse until now but can also considered going forth.

Additionally, the remaining funds after careful negotiation allowed Pastor Samuel to have the tuk tuk wagon totally overhauled with new springs, shocks, undercarriage, wheels and tires, new seats and arm rests, plus a new roof and covers for the rainy season. We have had only a short jaunt thus far, but the difference in riding is without question impressive.

Thank you so much with love from us here in Siem Reap.

Please share this to the congregation for us who may not see it here. *_*



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