New Beginnings

In April of 2014 we resigned from our positions with the LCMS Office of International Missions and joined on with Global Lutheran Outreach. We’re excited about where God is leading. It took a while to get to this point, but the Lord has been teaching us a lot through books, contacts, prayer and other means. We’ve returned to Guinea again, to the same area. Things were not good on our return. Satan was really at work while we were gone, but we will not be discouraged. He can take things away and try to destroy ministry, but God is ultimately in control. We’re also in Guinea again as the only missionaries of our mission. That hasn’t been so since almost 20 years ago! But we also believe that God is raising up people that have a heart to serve Him with the talents they’ve been given. And so we trust!


Next week we will take a trip over to the clinic that we’ve been renovating and see what work still needs to be done. For me, after we get our house in shape, it will be language work! My least favorite part of overseas ministry, but one we really believe in.



* For stamina as we try and get the house back in working order.

* For changes that will be coming to the church here in Siguiri

* For my language work

* For Tim’s continued language work and the beginning of ministry



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