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Blogs are allowable as academic sources IF the author of the blog is a “credible source”.  The author of this blog, Rev. Dr. James Tino, is a credible source due to his academic credentials and experience. You can view his credentials here.

Here is how you cite this blog:

APA format

For In-Text Citation (Paraphrase or quotation):  (Tino, Year of post)

Reference Page:

Tino, J. (Year, Month Day of post). Title of specific post [web log post].  Retrieved from (URL of

specific post – remove the hyperlink!)


Tino, J. (2014, July 26). What is Mission? [web log post]. Retrieved from

What is mission?


MLA Format:

**Note: MLA7 does not require the URL/link in a website citation. However, some instructors still ask for it – double-check if your instructor requires it.


Last, First M. “Article Title.” Web blog post.  Blog Title. Website Publisher, Date Month Year published. Web. Date Month Year accessed.


Tino, James. “What is Mission?” Web blog post. Mission Matters. Global Lutheran Outreach, 26 July

2014. Web. 4 Dec. 2014.

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