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LISTOS PARA IR: Tinos reach funding target for deployment!

Anniversary photoJim and Liisa Tino are counting down to their departure for Chile in 3 weeks as their funding level has just recently surpassed the target needed for deployment.  They are grateful to God and to so many mission-minded donors from all over the U.S. who are joining with them to uphold the mission work in Chile.  Jim will continue as Director of GLO even as he and Liisa join forces with the Lutheran church in Chile as they establish and grow congregations in Santiago. You can visit their web page HERE.
Please join in upholding their work in prayer.  It is a busy time for them not only because they are preparing their move, but also because their daughter is getting married on the 20th of September!   (God’s rich blessings on your marriage, Sonrisa and Ty!)



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