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A Bible Club in a Public School

Meet a teacher who began a Bible Club in a public school 6 years ago.  She mentors 15-20 girls from 4th-6th grade every week.  How can you serve the next generation where you live?

“Bible Hang Time” is an afternoon club, which meets every Monday after school for an hour, in the school where I am a 4th grade teacher. Approximately 15-20 girls from grades 4-6 attend each week after school.

We start each club meeting with an opportunity to share about the week. This gives the girls a chance to talk about what is on their minds and hearts.

Then we go into a short devotional time, which deals with issues that typical girls experience and we use God’s word to address those issues.

After the devotional we have a time of worship.  I play about 3 songs on my guitar and the girls sing. This is normally our favorite time together.

We end our last 10 minutes of the time together praying together. I start the prayer and the girls jump in and pray for their specific needs.  It is so cool to see the confidence that they are gaining in praying aloud.

Starting this week, I will be focusing on the message of Easter and the resurrection of Christ. This club started about 6 years ago when a friend took the lead and I was her co-leader. Now I lead it with occasional help from other teachers.

God has really blessed this program and there is even going to be a boys club starting at the school soon, as a result!  I am amazed that He has used me, an ordinary schoolteacher, to share His Good News with public school children.



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3 Responses to A Bible Club in a Public School

  1. Deanna Rossow says:

    How awesome that God continues to bless that ministry! And I love, love, love to remember that He equips us for what is needful when we step out of our comfort zone to offer His Great Light and Life!

  2. Angela West says:

    I truly believe that God has put us on this earth for a purpose to fulfill His will. If we truly believe this we will see this as our mission each day to share His love to those around us and reach out to those in need. Whether it be a hug to a friend, co-worker and etc,.or a word of encouragement to someone going through a tough time in their life, or a simple prayer. God has placed YOU on this earth at this time to be His hands, feet, and mouth. If you look at this as your mission then God will use you to make a difference!!!

  3. Steve says:

    Check out the teaching materials at child evangelism fellowship (cef.org) They are a great resource.

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