Missionaries Sam and Brooke Orozco


Outlining direction for LATINO Mission Society

God has directed us in a clear vision to build LATINO Mission Society  into an organization that ministers to Hispanic people throughout the entire State. Through our experiences and direction from the Lord, He is setting before us these three ways to bring them the Gospel:

A. Help them navigate a foreign culture

  1. We will begin with “English as a Second Language” classes using the Biblical curriculum that Sam developed while in Paraguay.
  2. Our intention is to grow into classes in banking, meeting medical and health needs, and naturalizing as legal United States citizens.

B. Connecting them to each other

  1. We will begin by hosting meals in our home that bring them together in a setting where they can begin to connect with each other and build relationships.
  2. Our intention is to grow into celebrations in the community (birthdays, etc), creating sports teams/events, after-school programs, and keeping them connected with their families back in their home country.

C. Connecting them to Jesus

  1. We will begin with Bible Studies in our home for groups of men and women.
  2. Our intention is to grow into worship, prayer groups, servant events, counseling and connecting them to a local church for Word and Sacrament.




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