Meet Benjamin Tino

Benjamin Tino

Birthday: March 29th, 1994


The missionary “seed” was rooted in me at a very early age, as I was born and raised as an MK (missionary kid) in Venezuela.  It is there that I learned to love and appreciate the Hispanic culture and lifestyle.  Moving to South Florida in 2001, I was engulfed by diversity during my grade school years and always enjoyed the rich cultural mixture found in South Florida.  With my mother being the music director at our church, music was bound to find me. In the fifth grade I was given my first trumpet lesson and from there on I developed my love for music and took it upon myself to learn a variety of instruments.  Going into high school I continued to study trumpet, classical guitar, and bass guitar, and would play any of those three on any given Sunday.

During my college years at Jacksonville University, I decided to study music and received my degree in Music Education in 2017. Upon completion of my degree I was unsure of what I would do after college, but I knew it would be something in music, and I wanted to work overseas.  It wasn’t until 2016 that I realized the plan God had for me: To serve Him by bringing music into churches.  Now, one year later, I have accepted the call to be the music director at El Divino Salvador Lutheran Church in Zacapa, Guatemala. I realized God has been preparing me for this opportunity my entire life, and everything I have done has been part of my training.




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