Missionary Liz Callahan Serving in Botswana

Meet Liz – who completed her service in Botswana in December.

Liz sm

Birthday:  March 5

God has given Liz a heart to serve and help people in need, particularly wherever Jesus’ love is least known. As a DCE student at Concordia University Texas, she has studied several mission courses, and plans to also add a nursing degree later to enable her to serve in medical mission ministry. Concordia University has supported Liz’s desire to serve her DCE internship in a cross-cultural mission setting, and such an opportunity was identified in Botswana, Africa.
Liz supported the mission efforts of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa to identify and implement human care ministries/evangelism among a minority ethnic group – the Tsoa and Kua speaking people (of the larger San family). LCSA mission outreach among these semi-nomadic people of the Kalahari over the last decade has been blessed with many being baptized, but the LCSA lacks sufficient missionary resources to fully maintain this ministry. Liz traveled with a Botswanan pastor once or twice a week to spend time reaching out to this minority ethnic group, teaching them, and worshiping with the growing congregation of baptized believers.

Liz would also spend two days each week working with the social worker in the village in which she resided, Kanye. A lot of times, that meant working in a Junior Secondary School (approximate ages 13-15) in the Guidance and Counseling office.
Liz’s passion for Jesus and for people is why she wants her life to be about glorifying Him with her whole being by loving, serving, and making Him known!
Please pray for Liz as she adjusts back to life in the US, and as she pursues her desire to studying nursing.

• Thanksgiving for grace and provision over her time of service!

• That God provided all that was needed for her to serve in Botswana.

• That her cross-cultural learning opportunities will prove rewarding in future ministries of service.

• That the Tsoa and Kua people will continue be receptive to the Gospel and the LCSA will continue to accompany them with ministry of the Word and Sacraments and fellowship.

• Thanksgiving for 44 baptism celebrated on July 6, 2014 among the Tsoa and Kua people!!

• For guidance in pursuing her nursing studies..




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