Meet Aaron Farrow

Aaron Farrow

Birthday: April 11, 1979

Aaron has a vision to serve the Church on mission  helping to develop life skills and provide education for both children and adults. His ethos is to meet the material needs of a growing community and while doing so use his passion and charity as an opening to share the Hope of the Gospel.

In an attempt to prepare for such a venture, he gained his BA. in Christian Education, trained as a D.C.E. at Concordia University, Texas, while working in the Parrish and focusing on Biblical literacy with children.  Afterwards, he went on to get a Ma. Degree in Education with a specialization in Biblical Literacy from Concordia University, Portland.  There he learned to use the Bible as a tool in formal education.

When reflecting on his talents he realized his aptitude for Spanish and desire to do outreach to adults, the invitation to serve in Chile with multifaceted needs which include serving a church body that is continually developing with migrants from multiple South American countries is the perfect place for him to serve and grow.



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