Missionaries Brent and Eugenie Friedrichs serving in Nigeria

The Friedrichs Family – Serving the Lord by serving missionaries

Friedrichs family
Brent Friedrichs – Husband, Father, Support Missionary
Eugenie Friedrichs – Wife, Mother, Audio/Visual Editor
Micah (Birthday: September 22, 2008)
Zander (Birthday: December 29, 2009)

The Friedrichs live and serve our Lord as Support Missionaries. Their ministry involves working with missionaries, churches, church groups, and Christian non-profit organizations.
Support Services are the vital legal logistical tasks that allow missionaries to do their work. They may include processing legal documents, accounting, logistics, and project management. Eugenie also produces and edits multi-media and DVD presentations, to make sure that mission projects are getting the attention they need.
Brent has been serving as a missionary since 1997. Their vision and goal is to bring the Nigerian people into a relationship with Christ and to proclaim Christ to the world around them.


  • Spiritual Guidance so that tasks are properly prioritized
  • Safety for the Friedrichs family.
  • Peace and the extension of God’s Kingdom in Africa


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One Response to The Friedrichs Family – Serving the Lord by serving missionaries

  1. wim munting says:

    Thank you Brent and Eugenie, for all the support you gave to us in Nigeria.
    God bless you in your new tasks.
    Greetings, Wim and also Marleen.

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