Global Lutheran Outreach Missionary

Meet Kenneth Green

Birthday:  June 7th

Growing up in Florida and the Washington D.C. area, I had the wonderful opportunity of interacting and developing relationships with people from all over the world. Through the mentorship of those in ministry, God led me to become a Director of Christian Education at Concordia University Chicago. During my education, I learned to love the relationships I developed with the youth that I served at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Palatine, IL.

During my time at Prince of Peace, teaching the Word of God to all people developed as a strong passion of mine. I didn’t really know where that would take me until last year. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with CUC’s Kapelle to Poland. There I got to see the Lord at work in other countries, and the importance of bringing the Gospel to all nations. It was that trip that really set my heart on becoming a missionary, primarily to proclaim the Gospel to the unreached.

Ultimately, this has led me to the wonderful opportunity to serve with San Pablo Lutheran Church and School in Montevideo, Uruguay. There I will be working with the ministry team to evangelize, teach youth, and outreach throughout Uruguay. I am excited for this new opportunity and what God has planned.



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