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Meet the Talsmas

More than anything,

we want people to have life in all its fullness. Being in the truth, loving and loved, free from guilt and free to serve, these are the real core components of a full Life. The truth is: There is a God— One. Believed in or not, he is there. And there is moral failure— all of us. The truth is: the penalty for sin is death— believe it or not. But love came and the power of sin was broken. One Man! Perfect love! The truth is: there is salvation and the fullness of Life— and it is freely available!

Cheryl and I want more than anything that others too can know such Life in all its fullness. And as God grants us breath in this life, we want to serve him in serving others, making him and his salvation known. From the beginning till now, we have clearly seen that God, by including us among the conveyors of his truth and salvation, has indeed put his great treasure of this message of life in “jars of clay” (2 Cor. 4:7). But so it is supposed to be, so that the treasure will be seen to be of God, not of us.

Dale and Cheryl currently live in Nigeria.Nigeria locator map
Cheryl serves as an elementary school teacher at Hillcrest school in Jos, Nigeria. This is a Christian international school that serves the children of missionaries as well as the children of international and Nigerian families, including many non-Christians.

As International Missionary Developer, Dale works to help facilitate the joining of resources from around the world in order to multiply the sending of Lutheran missionaries to where there is need. Today the gospel has borne fruit around the world. Yet some churches in some countries often think they are too poor to send missionaries, or not trained enough, or too limited in people and experience. But we know that God has chosen the weak things to shame the strong. God does not regard as limitations that which we might consider to be so, nor does he depend on the “biggest”, “best” and most “state-of-the- art”. He just needs some “jars of clay”!

We seek to raise up a truly global contingent of missionaries for the proclamation of the Gospel:

  • global in participation (from any country; working together, multinational, multi-ethnic)
  • global as to the senders (missionaries can be sent from any country)
  • global in places of service (missionaries from anywhere can serve anywhere)

Dale and Cheri, with their five children, had served with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria for 13 years as missionaries of the LCMS (USA) in the 1980s and 1990s. They then served in Guatemala for 7 years under the same mission, where Dale was also responsible for facilitating LCMS mission work in the Caribbean. Cheryl completed a degree in elementary education in 2011 and taught at a Lutheran school in Fort Lauderdale for three years.

Dale and Cheryl’s children are nearly all out on their own. Jason, their youngest, is a student at Northeastern University in Boston. Dalan finished a degree in aeronautical engineering at Purdue University in 2015. Toby was married to Molly in 2014 and lives in California where he works as a nurse and Molly teaches in a Lutheran middle school.  Adam, married to Vivienne Onyekwelu in 2015, works for an organization in Nigeria.  And their oldest–and only daughter–Tiffany married Luan Vo in 2010 and they are living in Vietnam working on a TB initiative (Luan) and international research/analysis for tropical agriculture projects (Tiffany).


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  1. Mark Frusti says:

    Hi Dale, How are you and Cheryl? Blessings on Adam and Ezimma. I have a question about GLO and possibly having George and Shary set up a table at our District Pastoral Conference in May. They want to know if you work only with LCMS.

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