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Donation 1 Christ is Love, Barquisimeto with photos

Donation 2 Corpus Christi, Barinas with photos

Donation 3 New Life in Christ, Yaritagua

Photo from New Life in Christ

Donation 4 Misson Cagua

Donation 5 Faith, Valencia

Donation 6 Stronghold Lutheran, Maracay


Greetings from Stronghold Lutheran, Maracay

Greetings in the name of the risen and ascended Christ. The Lutheran Church “La Fortaleza” expresses a deep appreciation for your generosity and many thanks to the brothers in Christ who gave their contribution to such a noble cause.

The financial donation received, and then transformed into staple foods, will benefit many with who have scarce resources. At this time during Venezuela’s economic crisis, our salary is not enough to buy enough to eat. Your donation will help to give some happiness to Venezuelan families who are struggling day to day.

Thanks for thinking of us with this gesture of generosity and solidarity. Without further ado we said goodbye in the love of Christ.


Lutheran Church “La Fortaleza”

Greetings from Christ is Love in Barquisimeto

Receive our greetings in the name of our Savior our Lord Jesus Christ.

We do not have the words to thank you for your labor and your concern to somehow deliver to our members this donation of food, everyone received a donation of food them with thankful hearts, items that have become impossible to obtain for all of us.

The problem affects every one of us and our families, neighbors, and friends.

Please extend our prayers of thanksgiving to each person who has made it possible to bring about this type of good work and demonstration of love for their neighbors.

“Christ is Love” Lutheran Church

Here are some comments from our Venezuelan Lutheran brethren:

Misión Luterana Rey de Gloria And in the rural areas and in the barrios among the most disenfranchised people, the elderly and the childen it is even sadder and more painful.

Jesus Ricardo Granado Thank you pastor Jaime for looking with eyes of mercy and joining with the rest of the brothers and sisters who generously remember us in their prayers and with actions like this project for our Venezuela, the brothers and sisters here.

Luis Aristimuño Thank you pastor Jaime, on reading what you wrote there is nothing else to do but cry. Imagine, if I work in two schools and my wife in another and what we earn is not enough to supply our needs of food, medicine, clothing, schooling for our children, transportation, utilities, etc. etc. etc., how much more for those who don{t have any job at all. Every day we wake up hopint that the nightmare will be over. HELP, HELP. Please.

Isaac Machado We thank God who continues to move the hearts of our beloved brothers in the faith in mercy. The same mercy that God has had on us in giving us His Son, also moves His people to help their neighbor. Thank you to the organization Global Lutheran Outreach for this labor that you are doing for our church in Venezuela. May God continue to bless you. Greeting from Caracas.

Iglesia Cristiana Luterana La Ascension May God in his infinite love continue to bless you greatly, thank you for this act of mercy, and above all, to keep us in your prayers. We only ask that we not forget about the power that the Christian has through prayer, and we pray for our government, and may our Lord Jesus Christ be the one who governs our lives and our nation. Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen. Onward Christian soldiers!!!

Luz Maria Henriquez de Ernst The Venezuelan Lutheran Women’s Society (SOLUDAVE) thanks you for this gesture of support that you can offer, it is not just the lack of food, but also of medicine. We especially thank you for your prayers to fix our eyes on Christ, even in the midst of the turbulence, and even though the earth may move, to proclaim to the world His love in the place where He has called us to serve. Thank you, many thanks.

Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Cristo Vencedor Thank you my brother pastor Jaime. You as a missionary in our country know and feel what is happening. This congregation is still on its feet, praying and bringing the message of comfort to all the families who are suffering in this economic calamity. We hope for your support, above all in prayer with the Venezuelan people…. Rev. Felix Zamora, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church “Christ the Victor”.



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