Missionaries Tim and Beth Heiney Serving in Guinea

Tim and Beth Heiney – Serving the Lord in Guinea

Tim Beth H w framing
Birthdays:   Tim – February 11
                   Beth – November 18

Despite the fact that his grandfather, two uncles, and four cousins on his mother’s side became Lutheran pastors, Tim Heiney wanted nothing more than to be a Pharmacist like his father and grandfather on the other side. But in his fourth year of the five year Pharmacy program at Ferris State College in Michigan, God grabbed Tim hard and gave him a vision of eternity that changed his life. He finished Pharmacy, but immediately after graduation, enrolled at the Seminary in Ft. Wayne. He also determined to be celibate in order to give his life more fully to God…but the Lord had different ideas.
During his vicarage year in Queens, New York, Tim met Beth Pflug, the daughter of his overseeing pastor. When Beth was attending Concordia University in River Forest she had helped to found a mission group to witness to foreign students on campus. She also applied to be sent to teach in Jos, Nigeria, but at that time the LCMS was not sending single, unmarried women. She was in her second year of teaching second grade in Alexandria, Virginia when Tim showed up at her home church in Queens. They were married right after Tim’s graduation in 1983, and after some training were sent to the Konkomba people in Ghana, West Africa by Spring of ’84.
Tim and Beth worked among the Konkombas for ten years and saw God plant 150 churches and preaching stations.They also had three children during that time, Joel, Jonathan, and Katie. In 1993, while Beth was off the field giving birth to a fourth child, Andrea, war broke out in the Konkomba area. The Heineys were never able to return as Tim had been falsely accused of running guns. After spending a year in Montreal learning French, the Heineys were sent back to Africa, to the French-speaking country of Guinea, West Africa, where they opened the country as the LCMS’s first missionaries there. Working with the English-speaking Lutheran Liberian refugees who were already in the country, they were again able to see about 150 more churches and preaching stations planted in the Forest Region of that country.
After three years in the US taking care of family issues, the Heiney’s returned to Guinea in 2005. This time they were settled in the capitol of Conakry where Tim helped establish 8 churches and bible study groups. He also traveled often to teach and facilitate the work in the Forest. Beth became the Business Manager for West Africa at that time. After four years, the Heiney’s moved again, this time to the north east of Guinea to help the team working with the Muslim Maninka people there. But at that time, Tim was asked to become Area Facilitator for French West Africa, and became responsible to work with the five national churches that the LCMS has established in the region. Beth also became the Project Manager for all of Africa.
In 2014 the Heiney’s resigned from the OIM of the LCMS. They now are returning to Northern Guinea under GLO and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Guinea, and returning also to their first love of working directly with lost people to bring them to Christ.
Please pray for:

  • The Muslim Maninka people of Guinea
  • The Heineys as they try and learn another language.
  • For God’s direction in reaching the lost in this part of Guinea


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10 Responses to Tim and Beth Heiney – Serving the Lord in Guinea

  1. Shirley Winner says:

    Where are the Heineys now? Are they available for speaking engagements this fall?

  2. Linda Isbell says:

    Tim and Beth – we have never met, but I do get your updates from the field. I have recently left a position at Prince of Peace in Carrollton, Texas teaching Spanish to move to full-time mission work at East-West Ministries International in Plano. I wanted to encourage you in the work you will be doing on your return to West Africa. EW is very involved in DMM where we work and we have seen God move mightily in cultures where whole families, villages, tribes and clans come to faith. I have also read Miraculous Movements, among other books referencing what God is doing among Muslims through dreams and visions, and heard testimonies from MBBs about their personal journey that verify what we are reading. One of the best characteristics of the DMM movement is how it can spread orally – and so many people in underdeveloped nations are illiterate. So will be praying for you as you undertake this method of evangelizing the lost in a way that moves rapidly through people with the message of salvation through Christ. God bless

    • Tim and Beth Heiney says:


      It’s taken me a while to get on here and start reading what people have written. What an encouraging note! We have only met one or two people that have been using DMM, so this was great news!! Thanks for sharing, and for your encouraging words. We arrived back home just this week and are anxious to see what God will do. Blessings in your ministry as well!!


  3. John & Jeanine Gerety says:

    Dear Tim and Beth,
    My husband and I would like to sign on as monthly supporters for your ministry to the Maninka people. We have been “following you” since sometime in the ’90’s when our Lord of Life Sunday School had your ministry as a missionary project, and we’d love to see you back in Guinea again. The DMM method appears to be a good fit for reaching Muslims, and we pray it and you will be blessed.

    Is there a way that we can pay automatically each month on our credit card?

    Also, I would like to sign on to being a prayer warrior for the ministry.

    • Tim and Beth Heiney says:

      John and Jeanine,

      I am JUST NOW learning to use this site, so apologize for the delay in response. Yes, you can set up automatic payments by going to http://globallutheranoutreach.com/blog/heiney/ and clicking on the Give button. Next click the “Online donation in the US” button and you will be taken to a page where you will put in an amount next to our names (near the bottom) and chose how often this should be done. Right next to the frequency button there is a link for recurring donations. This should tell you what to do next. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know!! Blessings to you both!

  4. Marvin K read your Christmas newsletter at our Circuit last week. Would love to have a copy of it to read to my congregation. The Shepherds information was most intriguing and gives a new perspective to their worshipful response to the Lord. They were expecting and waiting for him to do a great thing–why wouldn’t they worship the newborn king? I hope to meet one of them one day in heaven and ask them all about it.

  5. Liisa Tino says:

    Hi Tim & Beth! Just wanted to let you know we are praying for you! We know God has mighty things planned to do through you both. Just let His Spirit flow!
    Your sister in Christ,

  6. Sandy (Gehl) McCall says:

    Tim, I looked your last name on google to see if I could find you or your brother Mark. Many years have past and I guess as we get older, and our children are on their own we think of the people that meant so much to us. My prayers are with you and your family in the important mission you are doing.

  7. ron rather says:

    I would like to continue to support Tim and Beth in their missionary efforts. But first i wonder if they would like a subscription to Good News published by Concordia Mission Society? also I would like their address and also to be put on their newsletter mailing list if they are still publishing one.

  8. Rev , Robert DIbell says:

    We love you both, and wish you God’s full support in your mission work, will keep praying for you and the people you serve!

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