Lumembo and Kalangu Tshiswaka: Serving the Lord in Ethiopia

Meet the Tshiswakas

Lumembo and Kalangu TshiswakaBirthdays:

Lumembo:   November 21

Kalangu:       January 14



Lumembo Tshiswaka is a pastor with the LCMS. Lumembo holds degrees in sociology, demography and theology. After working 10 years in his native Congo with the national Institute of Statistics and the United Nations Funds for Population Activities (Maternal Health & Family Planning), Lumembo migrated to the Caribbean where he spent 7 years (1995-2002) working as a United Nations Volunteer Specialist in household surveys and statistics. After relocating to Toronto, Canada in 2002, Lumembo studied Theology with Concordia Seminary and was ordained on December 09, 2009.  He has served in LCMS congregations and has been active in Canada as Assistant Pastor, Volunteer Pastor, Replacement Pastor and in teaching, radio, outreach and media ministries.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kalangu has been active  in Christian ministry for many years, including: Prayer ministry, choir, visiting the sick, and Bible studies. Gifted by the prophetical word since her arrival in Canada in 2002, Kalangu initiated a multiethnic choir within one Lutheran Congregation. Kalangu holds certificates in Personal support worker, cosmetology, culinary arts and child care, gifts she intends to use in Ethiopia. Kalangu is very passionate working with women, young girls and kids in general. Kalangu wrote a book on “Innovative Fufu Recipes”, one of the popular dishes in Africa to help women improve their healthy living with a healthy nutrition. Her favorite Scripture is Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd”.

When God called us to serve him in the mid-eighties, we were still living in the Congo, our native country. It is there where we met several local and international missionaries from around the world who came to preach, train and equip God’s people in little town of Kindu. Their testimonies for the Gospel of Jesus inspired us to take the next steps in our Christian life, becoming more active in the work of the Gospel. Through prayers, God opened us a way through Jamaica in 1995 where, for the first time we met the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The Rev. Erhart Bauer, Missionary in Kingston at that time was the agent that the Holy Spirit used to bring our family with six kids to a Lutheran understanding of the Christian faith.

Lumembo started his theological training with the Jamaica Theological seminary before relocating with the whole family to Toronto, Canada at the end of 2002. Since then, we have been serving the Lord with the LCMS using our talents and gifts in different ministries of the Church. Now, God has called us to serve him with those talents in Western Ethiopia, East Africa. Lumembo will teach at Onesimos Nesib seminary, and Kalangu will use her many gifts in ministry to women and children.

Please pray for:

  • Faithful partners who will join us in prayer and sharing their talents and treasures to extend the Gospel in Ethiopia
  • The Holy Spirit guidance and blessing as we prepare to share with the students at the Onesimos Nesib Seminary our teaching talents and ministries among women and kids
  • The Onesimos Nesib Seminary Students who will be strengthened by their knowledge of the Lord through the teaching sessions, lectures and research


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