Missionaries George and Shary Frahm – Serving in Cambodia


Thank you for praying with us for God’s Ministry here in Cambodia

Please pray with/for God’s ministry here in Cambodia with us in the following pleas and praises ~ (per request of Pastor Samuel who has asked his secretary (i.e. me for the moment 🙂 ) I will supply a bit of history for those of you who’d like to be more detailed. These came out of our prayer meeting tonight.

1-Savong house anniversary ~ both for his business and his marriage of 10 years. This man is the head of the house where we meet on Sunday evenings to share with these newbie believers, all young folk.

2-Kok Kraul Village ~ tomorrow we are being invited to share time with the representatives of 12 nations (at least) who are coming with the Minister of Education for the primary schools of country of Cambodia. (7100+) Recall that this school is a pilot project (the first) with the WFP (World Food Program) and these kiddos go to school all day vs only 4 hours as the norm. They get to sing their ‘English’ songs for the audience tomorrow. We’ve met the Minister of Education today and he is VERY interested in what has been accomplished in English in this school as it is not available nationwide at the primary level and due to complications in the government won’t probably come any time soon.

3-Sophena’s parents are not well. They are in their 50’s and live in Thailand.

4-Praise and thanks for ministry opportunities that come along in/during our own ‘planning’ and are not expected but are willingly embraced.

5-Baptisms that have been proclaimed in these past months and for those yet to come.

6-Sunday School program at the local level. (Request of Sophena) ~ She has two little ones yet and cannot do it solo in our absence.

7-Being called to serve ~ a privilege and an honor ~ not always an easy road to follow.



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