Photo update March 2016



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01 container lifted

Settingthe containers in place

Floor scrapers

02 pouring foundation

Pouring the foundation for the temporary chapel

03 foundation

Looks like a construction site!

04 temp roof beams

Foundation poured and roof beams in place

05 roof in place

Roof and foundation done

05a cement and roof done

It’s taking shape!

06 Arturo at work

Arturo hard at work

07 Ethel scraping floor

Ethel scraping the floor

08 Mateo scraping floor

Mateo working with his mom (Ethel)

09 preparing lunch

Armando takes charge of lunch preparations!

10 laying tile (2)

Tile crew, all church members

11 laying tile

How’s it look?

12 Ethel and Liisa

Liisa and Ethel check on progress

13 tile 3-4ths

About 75% done in one day.

14 tile almost finished

Almost done laying tile!

15 last tiles

The last few pieces

16 tile done

Tile and roof finished!

17 painting roof beams

Fabricio paints the roof beams

18 lunch time

Enjoying lunch!





Floor scrapers 2

Workers come in all sizes!