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About GLO

Who We Are

The new face of missionary sending graphic

The new face of missionary sending

We are living in a time when the Christian Church is truly global and we believe it is neither efficient nor effective for every Lutheran church (or church body) to build their own missionary sending “apparatus”.  GLO is designed to provide such services, so that missionaries can focus on what God has called them to do, and so that the Body of Christ can focus on loving and supporting their missionaries!

Christ's commission to go as his witnesses and make disciples in all the world is given to all believers. Missionary sending is no longer from just the West, but "from everywhere to everywhere"! from everywhere to everywhere graphicThe problem for many Lutheran churches and church bodies is that traditional missionary sending requires a large and expensive missionary support infrastructure.

Global Lutheran Outreach is committed to enabling Lutherans from anywhere in the world to serve as missionaries!  We are GLOBAL - not belonging to any single country or continent.  We are LUTHERAN in faith and work with Lutheran missionaries and Lutheran churches and organizations who share this faith.  GLO does not belong to a particular Lutheran church or synod. Our services are offered to all. 

What We Do

Enabling the mobilization of Lutheran missionaries from everywhere

Wherever God is leading someone to serve in missions, Global Lutheran Outreach is here to lend a hand:

  • to help identify a place of service
  • to help equip missionaries for service
  • to assist in developing their support network and channeling of gifts
  • to help with the logistics of relocation and with ongoing orientation 
  • to provide top-notch, ongoing missionary care, including training, language learning, medical insurance, and emergency evacuation.
  • to provide a stable, world-class 'home office' for missionaries

Whenever a Lutheran church or agency is seeking a missionary for a particular mission opportunity, GLO is here​:

  • t​o try to help locate the right person(s)
  • to offer guidance and lend a hand (as desired) to get the missionary up and running
  • to make regular support visits to assure healthy assimilation into their field of service

from everywhere to everywhere graphicFrom anywhere – to anywhere. From Korea to Norway. From Brazil to Canada. From the United States to Nigeria. We are here to work with you to help make it happen - whatever it takes!

Different from traditional mission agencies, GLO doesn't call missionaries. GLO facilitates the sending of Lutheran missionaries who have been called, commissioned, or appointed by their church or judicatory.


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Does GLO accept requests for the funding of projects?
GLO is designed specifically for facilitating missionary sending.  We do not accept requests for project funding.  What does happen sometimes is that a GLO missionary, in coordination with the body under which they serve, will present to their donor base an opportunity to help fund a worthy project.
How do I manage my online GLO profile and current donations?
If you are already an online donor to a GLO missionary or missionaries, you can manage your login, profile and adjust your giving by going to the GLO Online Donation site here. Login to your account using the box you will see at the upper right. (Our secure online donation processing is hosted at the website.) After logging in to your account, you can make changes to your giving as desired. For new donors, you can also go to this same site and create your online profile for donating to GLO missionaries.
Does GLO also help with sending missionaries for mission outreach in their home country?
While we recongnize the vital importance of domestic missionary sending, GLO is currently limiting our contribution to mission endeavors where a person is sent beyond the borders of their home country.
Does GLO help send non-Lutheran missionaries?
No. While we know the global Christian mission is much larger than Lutheran missions, GLO is dedicated to working specifically with Lutheran missionary candidates who share our Lutheran statement of faith.
Does GLO offer missionary training?
GLO is committed to offering cross-cultural orientation and training in a customized way to fit the needs of the individual missionary. Some may be totally new to adapting to cross-cultural situations and language acquistion, while others may have had extensive preparation already.  Some may have already studied the theology of missions, while others have not.  We call our approach "just-in-time training." Some of the training will be specific to preparation for deployment, while other training will be most effective a few months into the cross-cultural adaptation.
Is GLO a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the LCMS, or any other Lutheran synod?
Since GLO is designed to "belong" equally to all Lutheran churches wherever they are in the world (based on common acceptance of a Lutheran confession of faith), we have not sought particular recognition with any single church.  However, this does not mean that we will never do so.  To the extent that obtaining such recognition is seen to be helpful in enhancing our ability to cooperate with a given Lutheran denomination in the advancement of faithful Lutheran outreach, we might decide to do so.  Our concern would be that such status with one church body would not unduely hinder GLO's ability to work with another.