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Tanzania: Eric and Linda Funke (from USA)
Eric Linda and Michael photoFunkes to Tanzania mapHigh school teacher and deaconess/social worker, Eric and Linda have followed the Lord's leading to serve with the growing Lutheran church in Tanzania. Teaching math or guidance counseling, organizing workshops or computer labs, the Funkes share Christ's love with all! Learn More
Chile, and globally: Jim and Liisa Tino (from USA)
Tino family photoJim and Liisa Tino are experienced missionaries called to serve with the Lutheran church in Chile reaching out to the urban population of Santiago. Jim is an ordained pastor and Liisa is a teacher and music leader. Jim is also the founder of GLO and continues as its Director.Learn More

Ethiopia: Lumembo and Kalangu Tshiswaka (from Canada/DRCongo)
Lumembo and Kalangu Tshiswaka photoLumembo helps prepare pastors and other church workers at Onesimos Nesib Seminary in the Mekane Yesus (Lutheran) church of Ethiopia. Kalangu offers varied ministries to families. Originally from the D.R. Congo, joining the Lutheran Church in Jamaica, then relocating to Canada where Lumembo became a pastor, they are fluent in 4-5 languages! Learn More
Guinea: Tim and Beth Heiney (from USA)
Heiney family photoHeiney to Guinea mapBy now, Tim and Beth know West Africa better than their home country (US)! Career missionaries of 30 years to Ghana and Guinea, they raised 4 children and adapted and adopted new cultures as God used them to help plant 100s of churches. They continue to serve with the Lutheran church of Guinea to reach the mostly-Muslim Maninka people. Learn More
Tanzania: Dixon and Christiana Gbeanquoi (from Liberia/Nigeria)
Gbeanquoi family photo A Lutheran from Liberia, Dixon fled civil war in his home country and as a refugee in Ghana was sent to Nigeria for evangelism and then theological training, where he also met and married Christiana. With newborn daughter Milcah, they serve their Savior as missionaries in Mwanza, Tanzania. Dixon is helping to plant and grown a mission congregation and Christy is helping start up a Lutheran secondary school. Learn More
Cambodia: George and Shary Frahm (from USA)
Frahm family photoGeorge and Shary, after many years working in the US, entered mission service Cambodia mapinternationally – first in Indonesia, then Cambodia with the LCMS. As the LCMS left Cambodia, the Frahms felt called to continue working with projects of the Lutheran church in Cambodia – offering training so church members can develop and prosper, and so also their churches and ministries. Learn More
Cambodia: Joe and Viya Stoltenow (from USA/Cambodia)
Joe and Viya photoCambodia mapJoe (form USA) and Viya (from Cambodia) met serving the street children in Battambang who are growing up in the most desperate of circumstances. Now married, they continue to share a deep commitment to help these children experience the love of Christ in tangible ways. With their supporters and partners, they are forming a new Lutheran ministry of caring in the city. Learn More
Nigeria and Globally: Dale and Cheryl Talsma (from USA)
Talsma family photo More than anything, Dale and Cheryl want people to have life in all its fullness – now, and on to eternity. In a world where billions still live – and die – without Christ, they have dedicated their lives to sharing the love of Christ in Nigeria, Guatemala, and elsewhere. Cheri teaches at Hillcrest, an int'l Christian school in Nigeria and Dale assists GLO globally with international missionary development. Learn More
Globally/Nigeria: Brent and Eugenie Friedrichs (from USA and S. Africa)
Friedrichs family photoBrent and Eugenie (with sons Micah and Zander) have been serving their Lord in missions for many years. Brent was serving in Nigeria when he met Eugenie from South Africa. Using gifts as business manager (Brent) and video production specialist (Eugenie), they have supported missionaries primarily in Nigeria, but now globally with GLO. Learn More
Tanzania: Amber and Austin Reed (from USA)
Amber and Austin Reed photoAmber and Austin serve in Tanzania at SHADE, Buhangija Centre. There they care for the children's needs, organize lessons and activities, and most importantly show them that they are loved and cherished. They are very excited for all that God has in store for them in Tanzania! Learn More

Chloe Villagomez (from USA)
Chloe Villagomez photoChloe Villagomez is a recent graduate of Concordia University Texas where she studied both Christian Education and Business. She fell in love with Guatemala on her first international mission trip and began to understand that God was calling her to serve as a missionary. Chloe will be serving as a student missionary with Castillo Fuerte Lutheran Church and the Santa Cruz Lutheran Mission in Amatitlan, assisting in the development of the Christian Education program of the church. Learn More

Our Projects

Santiago Ministry Center (Chile)
Santiago Project photo A God-given opportunity! We made plans, but God had something else in mind! First, we planned to build a school for the handicapped as “Phase 3” of our Santiago ministry, starting in late 2017 or 2018. God wanted it done sooner, and provided a surprise grant this year! Construction on the classrooms has already begun! Learn More
Wildfire Disaster Response Valparaiso (Chile)
Wildfire Disaster Response Project photo In April 2014, a devasting wildfire swept through the heavily-populated cerros (hillsides) of Valparaiso, damaging or destroying over 5,000 homes. The Lutheran Church responded immediately, even while the fire was still burning, with material and spiritual assistance. Learn More
Mwanza School Laboratory (Tanzania)
Mwanza School Laboratory Project photo The Mwanza Lutheran Secondary School is a dream project of the East of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. Their vision, begun in 2004, is to establish the first Lutheran high school in Mwanza. The purpose for establishing this school is to provide affordable and Christ-centered education to less-privileged Tanzanians, who will in turn contribute meaningfully to society and become role models in their communities and beyond. Learn More
Venezuela Relief (Venezuela)
Venezuela Relief Project photo The country of Venezuela is in crisis. With inflation at over 700% in 2016 (and projected to reach 1500% in 2017), people are struggling to get enough food to eat. Basic existence in Venezuela is a daily challenge, whether it’s standing in line for hours to get food or medical care, or just walking in the streets and becoming a victim of rampant crime. Learn More
Jardin de Esperanza/Garden of Hope
Jardin de Esperanza/Garden of Hope The Jardín de Esperanza or "Garden of Hope," is just that. It is an orphanage that gives hopes to children that have been affected by HIV or AIDS. Not all of the children have been affected by the virus, but their families have. Those who do not have AIDS have lost their parents or their family can no longer care for them. Currently the orphanage is home to 11 children from the ages of 3 to 15 years old. Learn More
Casa Betesda (Bethesda House)
Casa Betesda (Bethesda House) The Casa Bethesda seeks to be the Christ of Bethesda to those who suffer disabilities. We do this by walking together for the inclusion, rehabilitation, recreation, and improvement in the capacity for accomplishing daily tasks of disabled people or people with nuero-motor difficulties in whatever stage of life. Learn More