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Missionary Opportunities

"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms." (1 Peter 4:10)

Missionaries administer God's grace in all sorts of ways.  In addition to pastors and deaconesses and evangelists, people are needed who can teach, provide medical care, develop internet and computer services and more.  If your gift is in social work, construction, agriculture or whatever gift you may have, you can and should use it to serve others — whether at home or, possibly, in a mission field somewhere.

Service opportunities we are aware of include:

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Medical doctor in Tanzania
The Lutheran Clinic (and planned hospital) in Mwanza, Tanzania is operated under the East of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Evang. Lutheran Church of Tanzania.  They are in urgent need of a medical doctor to serve the as the medical officer in charge of the hospital. Contact us for more information.
Medical doctor in Guinea
The Guinea mission field has a building on loan from the government that is to be used as a clinic to serve the people of Siguiri. The doctor will be in charge of the clinic, seeing patients, administration (until someone could be found) and helping to get the necessary equipment to expand the work. S/he would work together with our national staff of three people. The doctor will also work with the missionary to visit surrounding villages and provide instruction in basic health care. Medical help is sorely lacking in Siguiri. There is a hospital in town but the care is often not good. The missionary doctor would be expected to spend some time in language work on arrival. The local language is Maninka. The national language is French, however fluency is not required. Contact us for more information.
ICT developer in Ethiopia
As the Lutheran church in Ethiopia (Mekane Yesus) has embarked on an ambitious commitment to send out and support dozens of missionaries through their International Mission Society, they have a critical need for someone to help design and setup various IT components to help manage the efforts. This includes providing guidance in the design and setup of their computer systems, databases, and an IMS website.  An exciting opportunity to help one of the fastest growing Lutheran churches in the world as they break new ground in global missionary outreach! Contact us for more information.​
Theological educator in Bolivia
Ordained Lutheran pastor to work in the area of pastoral education and training. Spanish required – language training provided prior to deployment to Bolivia. 4 year minimum commitment. Contact us for more information.
Student Mission Experience Program Director, US-based
The Student Mission Experience Director shall seek to create and develop pathways for the integration and incorporation of Lutheran University Students into the Missio Dei through the agency of Global Lutheran Outreach from Lutheran partners around the world, with a special emphasis on those countries with Lutheran universities. As a servant to Lutheran Universities and Lutheran churches and church bodies, the SME director will help to design, facilitate, and implement appropriate mechanisms and procedures for identifying potential Student Missionaries; identifying suitable locations of service for such missionaries; and for sustaining collaborative communication, consent and decision-making among participating partners. Bilingual preferred. Significant overseas experience required. Contact us for more information.
Musician/Ethno-musicologist in Tanzania
A musician who is capable of training others and who can work with local musicians to help develop and/or foster culturally relevant music for the worship life of the Tanzanian Lutheran congregations. Contact us for more information.
Project coordinator in Botswana
The missionary will be responsible for the human care projects in Otse. This would include the drawing up of suitable development plan and schedule for the project (Basic needs, housing, food, occupation), and all the donor related work (Austria, Germany and US). Alongside this project the missionary is to help the dean and the diocesan council in managing the infrastructure of the diocese (properties) to create sustainable income (rent). He/she is to draw up a feasibility study into the other planned projects – boreholes, farms etc. Contact us for more information.
Theological educator in Guatemala
An ordained Lutheran pastor to provide theological education and pastoral training, mentoring, and continuing education. Spanish language required – language training provided prior to deployment to Guatemala. Contact us for more information.
Evangelist/ Mercy Work in Chile
Individual or couple to staff the "Lutheran Community Center" in the city of Valparaiso. In 2014, a devastating wildfire damaged or destroyed thousands of homes in the hillside communities, which are generally poor. The Lutheran Community Center provides holistic ministry to people in the affected communities. Duties would include home visitations, Bible studies, gathering and distribution of material goods, coordination of volunteer teams. Contact us for more information.
Evangelistic pastor in Chile
Valparaiso Lutheran pastor needed to provide leadership and direction to a new mission in the city of Constitucion. Would work as a part of a team with a pastor in Talca, some 60 miles away, and with a Chilean deaconness. Contact us for more information.
Orphanage Director in Tanzania
Ideally, a couple with a great love for children will assume leadership of a holistic orphanage project in remote Tanzania. Started 10 years ago, the project includes education, agriculture, and spiritual formation of the children. The project is staffed by Tanzanians. The Founder and current Director is now 75 years old and needs to find a replacement. Contact us for more information.
​Theological Educator in Ethiopian Seminary
Ordained Lutheran pastor with teaching skills is needed to provide English-language instruction at Onesimos Nesib Seminary in West Wollega, Ethiopia. Courses in Pastoral Theology / Pastoral Care, OT and NT survey, other areas according to expertise. Housing provided. Academic year runs Feb - December. Ideal sabbatical for a Lutheran pastor! Contact us for more information.
​English as a Foreign Language teacher, Guinea, W. Africa (two positions)
The EFL missionary will be in charge of holding classes to teach English as a Foreign Language to the people of Siguiri, Guinea (West Africa) and surrounding villages. Learning English is highly desired in this area. While filling a need, opportunities will aries to also share the Gospel with students by showing love and through teaching. Scripture and Bible stories will be used to teach English. The teachers will learn the local N'ko script and be able to teach that as well. Some language training on the field (3 - 4 months) will be needed before beginning to teach. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a different gift, or a burden for service in a different country?

Perhaps you do not fit any of the opportunities we currently have specific requests for, but that does not mean that you are not needed to help extend the reach of the Gospel to places in need of missionaries.  Please contact us and tell us of your desire or readiness or even uncertainty.​