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Thrivent Action Teams

Have you ever wanted to host or organize a fundraiser for a GLO missionary or project but needed a little help or seed money to get it off the ground? Have you ever wanted to get more people from your church involved with your passion for mission but needed a little assistance with publicity costs, meals, or other expenses?

Members of Thrivent Financial have a unique opportunity to help support the missionaries of Global Lutheran Outreach through Thrivent's special grant program, Thrivent Action Teams. Thrivent members can apply for an "Action Team Grant" and receive $250 in seed money to help underwrite a one-time fundraiser, service activity, or educational event.


  • View the video (above).
  • Envision your fundraiser or event (see below for some ideas!).
  • Visit and click "Apply Now". Have your Thrivent User ID and Password handy.
  • Watch your doorstep for your Thrivent Action Kit.
  • Lead your event.
  • Share your success story with Thrivent Financial.


  • Special dinner (breakfast; luncheon) at your church to raise money for your GLO missionary. Use the Action Team funds for meal ingredients, publicity, and/or a welcome gift for participants.
  • Car wash fundraiser: Use the Action Team funds to purchase car wash supplies and to print publicity.
  • Meet a missionary: Sponsor a special event to introduce people to the missionary you support. The missionary could participate online (via Skype or similar). Use the Action Team funds to acquire the necessary technology, to promote the event, and/or to provide refreshments.
  • Be creative! Let us know about your great idea!

Each Thrivent Benefits member can do two projects per year. Thrivent Associate members are eligible for one Thrivent Action Team project per year, for a maximum of three years.


  • Involve others: Form a team of volunteers to help you with your project.
  • Think "seed money" not "gift" or "grant": Use it to help kick start your project.
  • Be creative: One Thrivent Action Kit will be provided per project, so be creative. Come up with your own great idea to make a difference.
  • Share your success: Share your stories, photos, and volunteer information with Thrivent Financial following your event so you can inspire others.